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    We are celebrating our 5th year on "Know the Cause" and for a limited time we are offering our 3 pack of air purifiers for $500. That's a savings of $400 on 3 Aclare air purifiers.

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Zone Purification with the
Aclare Air Purifier

Home Plan

The most effective means of purifying the air in your home is by breaking it down into multiple zones and placing an air purifier in each zone. It is far more efficient to use multiple air purifiers in multiple areas than to try and treat an entire home from one location with a single filter or pruifier. With the buy 2 get 1 free promotion, you will be able to treat approximately 2,250 square feet.

Aclare Air Purifier
Photo Catalytic Technology

Air Purifier

Photocatalysis is the most advanced and proactive technology for purifying indoor air. It is not a passive “filter”, and there’s no need to clean or replace filters. The unit is truly maintenance free, other than replacing the lamp module every one to two years. The Aclare is not attempting to capture particles. The system utilizes a broad spectrum ultraviolet light, which reacts with a titanium dioxide catalyst and other proprietary metals to create the “cleaners” (hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide Ions). The cleaners are then emitted out from the unit to treat up to 750 sq. ft. The Aclare technology will reduce air-born mold spores, fungi, odors and toxic chemical gases through its advanced oxidation process while also settling dust out of the air and reducing micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses.

Test Results

The graph above provides the results of a 9 day test performed in an actual home environment with the Aclare Air Purifier. The testing was performed in approximately 750 square feet. The first 3 days of testing were conducted without the Aclare being plugged in. This provided a background for how contaminated the environment was. On the 4th day the Aclare was plugged in and continued running for days 4 through 9. The results were 90% reduction of Mold and a 77% reduction in Bacteria. The test was conducted in a real-life home environment with two adults and two children. New contaminates are constantly being reintroduced, therefore a 100% reduction can never be achieved.

The Aclare Air Purifier is able to achieve the dramatic results as seen above because of it's active process. It's not a passive filter that has to pull air into itself to remove contaminates. The technology actually emits it's cleaning agent through advanced oxidation to eliminate contaminates such as mold and bacteria at the point of contact. This advanced process coupled with low maintenance and portability, make the Aclare Air Purifier the best available on the market.

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Aclare Air Product

Aclare Air Product

Aclare Air Product

Aclare Air Product

Aclare Air Product

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